Love your work

We are always looking for capable & motivated individuals to join our team. Site Pixel Media’s home office is in Toronto, Canada but most of our employees work remotely across the world. Once hired you will have the flexibility to work remotely. We encourage our employees to find what works for them, which in some cases include coworking spaces in your area. We stay connected though tools such as Skype, Slack and Basecamp.


Frond End Developer, Full Time

Front End Web Developer who is skilled in the art of programming, design and user interaction. Responsibilities will include translation of designs and wireframe prototypes into actual code that will produce the visual elements/template of the website. You have experience creating responsive and adaptive websites and a strong ability to solve problems. You have experience with Wordpress, Drupal and other systems but have a love for static site generators like Jekyll and Hugo that scale, load fast & create an impact. You will be a bridge between graphic design and technical implementation, taking an active role in the user experience & interaction with the website or application.

Senior PHP Developer/CTO, Full Time

Work collaboratively to conceptualize, develop and execute custom software projects. You will find solutions to development obstacles and advise on best practices and current trends. You have a commanding grasp of a dynamic language (i.e. python, ruby, php), frameworks (i.e. Laravel, Symfony, Yii) and front end languages: HTML(5), CSS(3) and javascript. You are a perfectionist and not afraid to roll up your sleeves and code like a rock star. You have experience building custom Content Management Solutions (CMS) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications with complex databases but are equally happy handling front-end development when needed.

Content Writers, Part Time/Freelance

Web Content Writers with experience writing online articles. Responsibilities include researching, writing, rewriting and publishing original content according to instructions provided by clients. You are a great storyteller and can create engaging content on various topics. You have a keen attention to detail and have the ability to work independently and deliver highly relevant content on time and on budget. Writers in the following languages are welcomed: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi.

Graphic Designer, Part Time/Freelance

Graphic designer with experience in creating responsive websites for desktop, tablet, and smartphone apps. You can create a simple website layouts fast and you understand how to design impactful websites without too much fluff and understand the impact of graphics on page load time. Your designs focus on content, simple and effective user navigation and graphics to achieve maximum conversions for our clients.